10/2001 to 06/2005 MFA / Academy of Fine Arts / Vienna, Austria
Photography, Film & Film Theorie

09/2007 to 08/2009
MFA / American Film Institute / Los Angeles, USA
Directing for Film & TV
Sponsoring: Frank Polzler, Co-founder REMAX

Since 2009
Self-Employed and hired as: Director, Author, Producer & Cutter

  • Adverstisment (Doritos, OMO, Durex, u.a.)
  • Blinklicht (Linz AG, Ute Bock, Western Union, u.a.)
  • e⎟motion GmbH (LIVE Regie, Green Panther)
  • KidsTV (ORF)
  • Talk TV (ORF)
  • Black Box Film Production (Author, Production)
  • WIFI (Lecturer)
  • Lightbox Academy (Lecturer)

German / English / Polish

Adobe Creative Suite
MS Powerpoint, MS Word
Final Draft

Volunteering Work (since 2017):
Pro Mente / Social Worker in Psychology

Interests & further studies:
Project Managment
Systemic Work / Family Constellation
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ramana Maharshi Meditation Practice
Wim Hof / Cold Resistance Training
Workouts at “Intelligent Strenght”
Ketogenic Diet

Life & Work in:
California / USA
Ontario / Canada
Paris / France
Berlin / Germany
London / UK
Sarajewo / Bosnia
Warschau / Poland
Phuket / Thailand