Thursday 12. December 2019

Affirmations to free ourselves from the grip of fear

It's funny how anxiety and fear became something that I started to deal with around 35. Before that, sure I had shy moments and some stuff I just didn't dare to do, but I've never considered myself a fearful person. But when some of my projects fell through and I was left wondering when the next pay check will arrive, that's when anxiety attacks hit me hard. 
I must mentioned that in my student years I was faced with times of no income, sleeping on couches and stuff like that, but back then it was youth that kept me going. Facing a break-up and a loss of projects at the same time, in the middle of the 30ies... that was a different cup of tea. 

During that time a lot of past-processing and soul work helped me through. Most notably "David Richo" and his book "How to be an Adult".

His affirmations sum up all the fears that I've encountered throughout that difficult phase. It's a gold mine for every neurotic person and soothing to hear that all of those thought-patterns are common and most importantly irrational.

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"I trust my true fears to give me signals of real danger. I see I have also unreal fears and worries. More and more I recognise the difference between real and imagined fears.

I feel compassion towards myself for all the years I have been afraid. I forgive those who hypnotised me to unreal fears.

I trust that I have as much fearlessness in me as fear. I trust the strength that opens in me when I have to face something. I believe in myself as able to handle what comes my way. 

I create a pause between a trigger and my response. I have the inner resources to handle any fear or trigger. I find support inside and outside myself.

I have an enormous capacity for rebuilding, restoring and recovering from fear. I am more and more sure of my abilities.

I’m more and more aware of how I hold fear in my body. I relax the parts of my body that hold fear. I am freeing my body from the grip of fear. I open my body to joy and serenity. 

I let go of the stress and tension that come from fear. I let go my fears of sickness, accident, old age and death. I let go of my fear of the future. I let go of the fear of the unknown.

I cease of being afraid of knowing, having or showing my feelings. I’m less and less scared of what happens or has happened and what will happen. I let go of my fear of might happen. 

I let go of my obsessive thoughts on how the worst will happen. I let go of fear-based thoughts. I trust myself to always find a solution.

I catch myself when I engage in paranoid phantasies and let them go. I trust in myself as releasing me from fear and fearsome phantasies. I let go of regretting my mistakes. I find the path to going on. I’m letting go of basing my decisions on fear. 

I let go of finding something to fear in everything. I let go of believing that everything is dangerous and headed for disaster. 

I see the humour in my exaggerated reactions to unreal dangers. I find a humours response to every irrational fear. I smile at my scared ego and shrug off its fears. 

I let go of my fear of aloneness, or of time on my hands. I let go of my fear of abandonment. I let go of my fear of closeness. I let go of my fear of commitment. I let go of my fear of being vulnerable in relationships. I let go of my fear of giving and receiving. I let go of my fear of loving and being loved.

I let go of the believe I have to measure up to what others want me to be. I give up having to be perfect. 

I let go of my performance fears. I let go of my sexual fears. I’m confident in my ability to deal with people and situations that scare me. 

I let go of my fear of any person. I let go fo the fear of what they can do to me. I let go of my fear of saying "no" to others. I let go of my fear to say "yes". 

I cease to be intimidated by others anger. I’m giving up trying to appease those who intimidate me. Attempts to bully me now fall flat. I let go of being under defence. 

I protect myself while always being committed to non-violence. I stick to my guns and I hold my fire. 

I let go of feeling obliged to do things his, her and their way. I let go of the need to fulfil others expectations. 

I state and protect my personal boundaries. I let go of my fear of what might happen if people dislike me. I let go of my terror about disapproval, ridicule, exclusion or rejection.

I dare to stop auditioning for peoples approval or love. I give up the need to correct peoples impression of me. I give up my poses, pretences and posturings. I dare to be myself. 

I dare to show my hand. To show my passions. To show my enthusiasms. To show my real feelings, longings and needs. 

I want my every word, feeling and deed to reveal me how I truly am. I give up of being afraid of what I really want. I ask for what I want. I love being found out, caught in the act of being my authentic self. 

I dare to live my life that truly reflects my deepest needs and wishes. I let go of the fear that I loose: „Loose money, loose face, loose freedom, loose friends, loose respect, loose status, loose my job, loose out.“

I let go of my fear of having to grief. I let go of fears about my inadequacy as a partner or friend. I let go of my fear of the fearsome givings of life: impermanence, change, suffering, unfairness, failed plans, losses, betrayals. 

I’m flexible enough to accept life as it is. I am forgiving enough to accept how I have lived my life so far. I trust my present predicament as a path. I let go of control. I let the chips fall where they may. I let go of more than any fate can take away of me. 

I cease to be afraid of my own power. I cease to be afraid of the power of others. I let go of my fear of authority. I speak truth to authority and power. 

I dare to take a stand for the oppressed and the marginalised. I join the most vulnerable of our society. I dare to devote my life to co-creating a world of justice, peace and love. As I show courage for social justice I notice I’m letting go of fear in all areas of my life. 

I trust every renewing sources of bravery within me. I let go of having any fears stop or drive me. Nothing forces me and nothing holds me back. I’m a hero. I live through pain and I’m transformed by it. 

I show grace under pressure. I stop running, I stop hiding. I meet danger face to face. I stand up to a fight. I speak up for myself and others. 

I let go of hesitation and self-doubt. I notice primitive dreads in me: „If I love something, I will loose something, or it will be taken away. If something is good, it will not last. What is bad will get worse.“ I recognise these believes as superstitions and let go of the fears that support them. 

I take risks and yet I act with responsibility and caring. I keep finding alternatives behind the apparent dead-end of fear. 

I let go of scanning my life to find a reason to be afraid. More and more my fears become healthy excitements. I let fear go and let joy in. I let fear go and let love in. 

I’m grateful for the love that awaits me everywhere I go. I know I’m deeply loved by many people near and far. 

I feel lovingly held by a higher power. As I devote myself more and more to a higher power than myself, I feel it alive through, with and in me. 

I believe that I have an important destiny and that I am living in accord with it. I’m more and more aware of others fears. More and more sensitive to them. More and more compassionate toward them. 

I enlarge my circle of love to include every living being. I keep finding ways to show my love. I’m great-hearted and bold-spirited. 

I let go of ill will to those who have hurt me. I do good to those who hate me, bless those who curse me. Pray and wish enlightenment to those who have mistreated me. I can say „ouch“ and open a dialogue rather than retaliate. 

I dare to give myself unconditionally and I dare to be unconditionally committed to maintain my own boundaries. I honour and evoke my animal powers, my human powers and my divine powers. 

I set free my love till now imprisoned by fear. I set free my joy till inhibited by fear. I let true love cast out fear. May I always choose the path of gentle love. The best antidote to fear. 

I say yes to wthat happens to me today as an opportunity to love more and fear less. I keep letting go and I keep going on. 

I feel an enduring fearlessness awakening in me. I keep affirming my freedom from fear. I’m thankful for the grace of finding freedom from fear. May all beings find freedom from fear."

- David Richo  

"How to be an Adult" - David Richo

Video: Affirmations to free ourselves from the grip of fear