Thursday 12. December 2019

Fall Twothousandandsixteen

A cycle is about to finish...

Have I taken care of all the changes that needed to be done? Do I understand all of the patterns that were reminding me to look consciously onto the past? Can I move beyond them? explore new patterns?

Do I have patience for every single thought, emotion 
and task that I'm experiencing? Have I said all the truths that I was too scared to stand up against? Am I still afraid to be abandoned, or have I found strength to give shelter for others? Do I care for opinions or do I trust my process?

Am I too comfortable and shifted off my responsibilities onto fate? Do I like the person who looks back at me from the mirror, or do I compare him with other reflections that pass me each day? Do I seek validation to mask my self-hatred, or is my art a way to express gratitude for who I am?

Do I enjoy my life, or do I exist because of being obliged by birth? Is each wakening moment a chance to evolve in awareness or a burden to carry?

Have I found myself, or am I about to change again?


...have I found myself, or am I about to change again?

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