Thursday 12. December 2019

The Root of Fear

...phiu, some tough dough in that cookie, Jiddu!

It's of great interest to me to understand the dynamics of thought & emotion and therefore action & reaction. Cinema (as I understand it) means to capture authenticity as accurate as nearly possible and to juxtapose those   photographed moments of time into an emotional experience. Jiddu helps me to get into the depth of the matter. I'm not always sure if I "get it" because, to really understand Jiddu's words one must experience his philosophy and not simply understand it.

Nevertheless, I'm trying to lay out a path with words about what Jiddu says in the video below:

"Fear exists when there is no attention. If I give full attention to fear, it disappears. If I analyze it, seek someone to help me to deal with it, try to escape from or control it... Then I'm acting actively upon it. This (therefore)  strengthens the conflict, and creates more fear.
The actual problem is the division between time (past, present or future events) and thought (mental context of self). The way out is not to identify with the observing self, but to give my full attention to fear when it arises. Going into this sensation as something entirely fresh. Giving it full attention without looking for context... This is the end of fear." 

Video: Jiddu Krishnamurti "How to deal with emotions"
Photo credit: La piedra de sisfo