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This site is a collection of projects I was working on. Blog posts about books, written reflections on current life themes and poems are collected in the ADHD section. The ORACLE contains quotes that I've found inspirational. I use it myself, when I get stuck or need a fresh perspective.


I've graduated from "The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna" and made my final diploma as a film director at "American Film Institute, Los Angeles". Studies in California were sponsored by my mentor Frank Polzler, Co-Founder of the real-estate franchise REMAX.

My working path has led me through the European art-scene and film industry in Hollywood. It was a dream come true to meet and learn from idols like Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, Tilda Swinton, Gus Van Sant, David Lynch and others. After my studies I came back to Europe and started working as a self-employed director, consultant, videographer and writer. My current hometown is Vienna, Austria. You'll find in the TIMELINE section a detailed CV of my projects. 

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